Saturday 05/12/2018
Sheraton Hall C
2:20PM - 3:50PM
(1 hour 30 minutes)

Lessening the Hustle: Successful Strategies for Helping Your Artists Make More Money, Focus More on their Craft and Generally Live Happier Lives

We all know the basics of today's gig economy - string together as many paid hustles as possible to make enough money to allow you to live where you want and pursue your interests. From taking shifts at bars and coffee shops, to driving for ride-sharing companies, to working in the service industry to even sticking with a "professional" job, this dynamic has been directly connected to the realities of professional musicians from the beginning of time. In this era, however, the dynamic is starting to evolve. Cities increasingly understand the danger of losing musicians to less expensive markets, and in some cases are exploring creative income opportunities for musicians that also align with city priorities. Similarly, support for licensing opportunities, trade delegations, artist housing, medical and dental services - even preferred parking - are ways that cities are trying to make the lives of their local musicians a little bit easier. But this thinking is still very new and there are tremendous opportunities to push the concept forward. In this dynamic workshop, Minneapolis-based rapper, essayist, educator and member of the Doomtree rap collective, Dessa, will join nationally recognized youth educator and nonprofit leader Jami Duffy for an engaging exploration for how we can make OUR cities the most artist-friendly they can be.